City Park Bridge, no. 2

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I painted this image once before in a large format---this one is a more manageable 16x20". I achieved the texture with a combination of paint splatter, manual dotting with a brush, as well as using a sheet of bubble-wrap like a stamp, creating the overall "screen" effect. I really like how well this one turned out. I will probably be doing more in the future utilizing the bubble-wrap stamp technique. The video of the painting process is below.

City Park Bridge #2, 16x20", $300

nola diptych

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See the video of the painting process below. Not all my painting videos end up on here. Visit my YouTube channel to see many more videos and subscribe to get a notification whenever I upload a new video.

NOLA diptych, 36x48" (total), $1200

someday fly

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Update 8/11/16 ---I replaced the original image of the painting with the new painting (the painting was stretched to a slightly wider size and parts were repainted . . . notably, the edges were fixed and the diagonal leg of the swing set was removed and I added the bright red and yellow squares of color throughout the painting). I like the new look even better.

Someday Fly, 40x28", $900

tree of life (Etienne de Boré oak)

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For this quick painting, I used a reference photo from Aaron Younce's Instagram:

"This is the Etienne de Boré oak, but locals call it the Tree of Life. I live a couple of blocks away from it and I ride past it all the time going to and from the shop. Sometimes I stop to just look at the tree for a while, or walk around under it. There's a little plaque under it that says it was planted around 1740. This is one bad ass oak tree."---Aaron Younce (

Tree of Life (Etienne de Boré oak), 18x24", $375

backyard landscape

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I feel like this one fits right in my artistic wheelhouse. Some of my paintings end up more abstract than this one and some end up more realistic---this one is where the two extremes shake hands. Hope you like it.

Backyard Landscape, 39x37", $1200