Name Your Price Paintings For Sale

Posted on by Wess Foreman

UPDATE: These paintings may be still around, but I cannot guarantee that.

I'm getting ready for the Three Rivers Art Festival by clearing out some of my older paintings - paintings I will definitely not be bringing with me to the Festival in November. So these ten paintings (pictured in a group-shot down below) are up for grabs. I am not listing their original prices because that's neither here nor there - I will accept almost any amount. Name your price - keeping in mind I'll be paying for shipping and the fact that I'm a starving artist with a preschool kid and a wife to feed. Tell you what, if your offer is too low for me, I'll let you know - I don't want to lose any money on the deal - I reserve the right to refuse any offer.

Seriously though, this is the perfect opportunity to buy a couple of Christmas gifts. Click on the thumbnails to view larger versions. Let me know if you need exact measurements or any other information. Email me with any further questions and to place your "bids" (though this is not an auction - if your offer is acceptable then it's pretty much first come, first serve). I'll email you back to let you know if your offer is accepted or not and to let you know where to send payment, etc. My email address is wess at wessforeman dot com!

Thanks in advance!


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