Courage, Kitten

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This is one of the few images I’ve painted directly from my imagination instead of relying on a reference photo. It comes across as a painted cartoon, and I’m fine with that. This is the third time I’ve painted this image, this time spanning two canvases.

Courage Kitten, diptych, two 36x24”, $1450


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It's been awhile since since I've painted a dog portrait without it being a commission. This one went quick. I completed it in two painting sessions, and I achieved the somewhat abstracted, somewhat off-kilter look I was aiming for. The simple orange/blue color scheme works great. What else can I say: I am pleased with this painting. (video of the painting process will be uploaded to my YouTube channel in a few short hours) Contact me if interested in purchasing this painting or commissioning one of your own.

Mutt, 20x16", $300


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I've been enjoying a bit of painting these last few days after a couple of weeks off. I expect to have many new paintings by the time my next art market comes around (New Orleans Art Market in Palmer Park, July 27th, 10am-4pm). So, that's exciting. Nothing else to say about this painting. It's an alligator. I added a bit of charcoal pencil at the end for added texture & interest. More to come.


22x40", SOLD

Slater in Yarn

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I'm happy with this painting. It came together quickly for me, as many good paintings do. It was painted from a reference photo of our cat, Slater, who has more of a gray color than this and wasn't actually tangled up in yarn in the photo---that was added to balance out the fact that I started painting the cat too high on the canvas, leaving too much of an open area below. The addition of the yarn ball, as it turns out, is what makes the painting work, in fact. Otherwise, though I didn't do a bad job with the face and the eyes of the cat, the painting would have been boring to look at. As it is, it isn't boring. So, I conclude, it's a success! (I might need to make prints available for this one)

later in Yarn,

18x24", SOLD