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I painted this gull painting nearly a year ago and I might have shown it at one art show before deciding that I didn't like it at all---too boring. So yesterday I pulled it back out and reworked it, mainly adding interest to the background of the piece. Adding all those horizontal layers of "water" and the suggestion of a dock in the background, as well as all the drips (which always fools a few people when it rains at art shows). Now I can and will show this canvas proudly at the next show.


24x18", $300

egret landing

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Generally, when I can finish a painting in two sessions it means it's a good painting. This one was painted on masonite. It took two sessions. One rough-in with my large brush and the other with my detail brush. I kept it simple and tried not to overwork it. Turned out nice, if I do say so my-own-self.  I'll probably make this available as a print as well.

Egret Landing,

8x10", $75

a squabble of seagulls

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This one was just going to be a quick "sketch" with my paints this morning, then it turned into something more finished. It went through many phases in the process---it initially had a figure in the foreground feeding the gulls, for instance---and I'm happy with the result.

A Squabble of Seagulls, 14x7", $75