mad symphony #4

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I had many doubts about this diptych (two-canvas painting) throughout the process of painting it, and I still have some as I write this. Like all the Mad Symphony paintings, this one is busy to the point of being frantic (but this is a major theme in the series and I think there is something endearing about its raw energy). I suppose it being so big (six feet wide and four feet tall) has me worried about carting it around until it finds the right buyer, but this is why I made it a diptych and not one giant canvas.

*11/29/15 update: This painting is no longer available

Mad Symphony #4 (diptych), 48x72", N/A

Mad Symphony #2

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Another painting in the series. The next day?! Well, what can I say. I'm on a roll. This one is a bit cleaner than the first, i.e. less interruption of background shapes and fewer shapes filling the frame altogether.

Mad Symphony #2, 30x48", $1200 (no. 1004)

Mad Symphony #1

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This one started off as one thing then turned into something else. I like the finished piece. It's . . . hip. I went ahead and called this a "#1" because I intend to paint more. Don't forget to see the painting process video down below!

Mad Symphony #1, 48x54", $1900 (no. 1003)

spring flower bed

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This is a painting I started in the last half hour of the April Covington Art Market (next one is May 3rd). I finished the piece at my home studio, using pallet knife for thick texture and black and white china markers to indicate thin grasses here and there.

Spring Flower Bed, 20x30", $400

blue iris

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Just a quick painting of irises in bloom in our front yard. Not sure if they have a name---I'm calling them blue irises . . .

Blue Iris, 12x14.5", $80

May Flowers

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Had a few days painting outside with watercolors last week--this was one of the more successful ones. Watercolor isn't my strong suit but it is fun to splash colors around.

May Flowers

watercolor, 15x11", $150