Lilypad #5 and #6

Posted on by Wess Foreman

I painted a couple of paintings of individual lilypads, one after the other, following the same basic painting methods. I videoed one of them (see video below), however after uploading the video, I changed the look of the painting a bit. That’s the problem with these type paintings—-there are so many options and stopping points that it’s’ hard to ever reach a finished state! You just have to throw in the towel at some point. Anyway, I like these.

Lilypad #5, 14x17”, $250

Lilypad #6, 11x16”, $200

Notes on a Landscape: Trees are Like Metaphors

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A return, for me, to a larger canvas size (basically three feet tall by five feet wide), this one was satisfying to complete—though it was a reminder of how much more work it takes to cover a canvas of this size. I’m obviously not done with this Notes on a Landscape series. My favorite part is the interplay between the beautiful sentiments portrayed, alongside silly trivial things. Stream of consciousness writing has always fascinated me. It’s a fun exercise, however brief in this application.

Here’s the little pseudo-poem in the middle of the field: “meet me in the park, beneath the trees, where the boughs bend, and sway in the warm windy-wind”

Video of the painting process coming soon!

Notes on a Landscape: Trees are Like Metaphors, 59x37.5”, $1750

Notes on a Landscape: Everyone Relax

Posted on by Wess Foreman

It all started when, on a recent video, I was describing the early stages of my painting process as “notes on the painting itself”. As in, these basic shapes and tentative lines describe the future painting but not yet the painting itself . . . just notes jotted down for later reference. Then as I began this landscape, the phrase and the idea fused into one cohesive painting of abstracted bliss. Notes on a Landscape. It’s a play on words that makes sense to me . . . somehow. The painting is subtitled “everyone relax” because it’s one of the main phrases that stands out to me on the painting. I do intend to paint more in this new series of paintings.

Notes on a Landscape: Everyone Relax, 24x30”, SOLD

Fractured Landscape #2

Posted on by Wess Foreman

I’ve painted a similar painting before (thus the “#2” in the title) but never really returned to the idea until now. I like getting lost in the temperature changes of each successive hill—grays, reds, yellows, blues, violets. Just realized I probably should have named it Fractured Fields instead . . . the alliteration!

Fractured Landscape #2, 24x36”, $725

The Voices of the Trees

Posted on by Wess Foreman

When I started this one, the bright colors I used were simply going to be an under-painting for the more realistic landscape to come, but after I added the tree trunks on the left side, I knew it had to be a colorful abstract landscape. So I just went with it. It was like the trees had voices and wanted their own thing. The Voices of the Trees. Video below of the painting process!

The Voices of the Trees, 24x48”, $900

Ethereal Landscape

Posted on by Wess Foreman

I would almost describe this as a Candy Land landscape, the randomly distributed dobs of color recalling gumdrop shapes across the bright landscape. A land where the sky is painted-in with drippy white paint and all the cares of humanity are stripped away just long enough to capture it on canvas. (video of the painting process added below)

Ethereal Landscape, 36x48”, $1450

Courage, Kitten

Posted on by Wess Foreman

This is one of the few images I’ve painted directly from my imagination instead of relying on a reference photo. It comes across as a painted cartoon, and I’m fine with that. This is the third time I’ve painted this image, this time spanning two canvases.

Courage Kitten, diptych, two 36x24”, $1450

Deep Green

Posted on by Wess Foreman

Not one but two new paintings in the same style. A more subdued, quiet style from me, perhaps, but I like it. Contact me if interested; and keep in mind, I can paint similar paintings in any size you'd like (would love to paint an extra-large version, for instance---hint, hint).

Deep Green 1, 30x30", $700

Deep Green 2, 30x30", $700