Alleycat No. 2

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This seems like a possible start of a series. I did one previous painting of a cat in silhouette, by the same name—-this one has more detail, but it’s mainly an exercise in line and form and color balance/unity, rather than crafting a naturalistic scene. I like it. Look for more in the future.

Alleycat No. 2, 20x36”, $500


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It's been awhile since since I've painted a dog portrait without it being a commission. This one went quick. I completed it in two painting sessions, and I achieved the somewhat abstracted, somewhat off-kilter look I was aiming for. The simple orange/blue color scheme works great. What else can I say: I am pleased with this painting. (video of the painting process will be uploaded to my YouTube channel in a few short hours) Contact me if interested in purchasing this painting or commissioning one of your own.

Mutt, 20x16", $300

someday fly

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Update 8/11/16 ---I replaced the original image of the painting with the new painting (the painting was stretched to a slightly wider size and parts were repainted . . . notably, the edges were fixed and the diagonal leg of the swing set was removed and I added the bright red and yellow squares of color throughout the painting). I like the new look even better.

Someday Fly, 40x28", $900

a jester's lament

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I was staring at a blank canvas. A large blank canvas. I was ready to paint, but I was out of ideas (or rather, I had too many ideas and none of them very good). So I was browsing through reference photos and ran across a photo of a small 14x11" painting I had done not too long ago and decided it needed to be painted big . . . posthaste! A few hours later and I present: A Jester's Lament. Let me know if you like it---especially if you think I should paint more in this series.

A Jester's Lament, 48x36", $1400 - (no. 1033)

Bailey Commission

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I started this one at the December New Orleans Arts Market. The background changed a few times---from dark to light, from busy to sparse to a combination of the two. I was happy with the four dogs from the beginning, outlining everything in black gave it an immediate abstract quality and adding blocks of color only added to that effect.

Bailey Commission, 48x30", N/A

dog portrait, the process

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Another dog commission. This time I took snapshots along the way. Enjoy (and forgive all the "thens").

I started off with a pencil sketch, something which I don't typically bother with. Then I traced over the soft graphite with black paint. Then began filling in with color, starting with mid-tones, then with the lighter, highlighted areas. The second to last shot is nearly to a finished state but does not look close enough to the subject in the reference photo---all that's left is details. Final shot is the finished painting.

self portrait

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Sketched this from a photo from last winter [that's when I break out that hat]. One of the hardest parts in portraits is getting the placing right, especially for the eyes---my eyes here, for instance, are spaced a bit too far apart; makes me resemble a catfish.