welcome to the gallery.  All these original paintings are available for purchase---if interested, send me an email. Back catalog content coming soon. Enjoy.

animals. Animals are people too. Well, some people think so.

people. People are people too.

red white blue. I think of these as patriotic improvisations. They're fun and easy for me to paint, so I discount the price on these a bit.

mosaic. This group is sort of a catch-all category featuring bright primary and secondary colors, carefully arranged throughout each painting in a somewhat complex balancing act of harmonic bliss.

more questions than answers. hese are paintings that just take too long to explain the story behind them. Enjoy them for what they are. Perhaps you can find an explanation from when I first posted them on my blog. Perhaps no explanation is possible. Who can say.

setting the table. ainted at different times in a variety of styles, these paintings seem to revolve around . . . tables, so I've grouped them together. Bon appetit!.

landscape and waterways. 'm surprised I don't have more in this category, as it seems to be the easiest of subjects for me to return to for more inspiration. Anyway, title says it all.