nola diptych

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See the video of the painting process below. Not all my painting videos end up on here. Visit my YouTube channel to see many more videos and subscribe to get a notification whenever I upload a new video.

NOLA diptych, 36x48" (total), $1200

untitled blue #3

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Fresh off the easel, this simple image is one I've painted before [and still have in my studio]. I thought it would do well in this larger format. The painting's calm, somber simplicity is only amplified at this larger size.

Untitled Blue #3, 48x36", SOLD

harvey canal

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I would love to do a larger series of these, eventually covering all of New Orleans. I don't like driving in the city, but I love the architecture, the people, the culture, the geography, and yes the rusty parts too. I think this style works well with the subject matter (though perhaps I could have painted out a bit more of the drips in this one...? I still might). And how about that purple: whaat!? (Look for a painting video of this one on my youtube channel soon)

Harvey Canal, 25x40", SOLD

By the way, I've started numbering each of my paintings, going forward (note the "no. 1032" above). I also will be writing these unique numbers along with the titles of the paintings on the back of each canvas I produce. This should help identify which painting is which, especially with similar or identical subject matter. Just thought I'd mention it.

container ship rounding algiers point

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This triptych (three canvas painting) began its life as a painting I never really loved, an imagined river scene with no real life to it. I recently turned my attention back to it and realized it was close to the same topography as Algiers Point in New Orleans. With a few tweaks and with the addition of the container ship, I am now thrilled with how this one turned out. Update 12/1/15: SOLD.

Container Ship Rounding Algiers Point (triptych), 36x72", SOLD

Container Ship... (detail)

where the Harvey meets the Mississippi

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This mural-size painting (anything that can't fit in my van without rolling up, I'd consider mural-size) was done as a commission for an office in Covington, Louisiana. The title I've given it is the subject matter, as is often the case, and this view can be seen from the interstate traveling through New Orleans. It's not an accurate depiction of the location---I mean, it's generally accurate but the specific details have been rearranged and reinterpreted and re-imagined (for no other reason than as a shortcut, I suppose).

I'm happy with the results and looking forward to doing more large paintings in the future---want to commission one for yourself? My email address is or you can use my contact page. Let me know what you have in mind!

Where the Harvey Meets the Mississippi, 5'x7.5', N/A

fishing trawler

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Dear blog,

Yes, it's been awhile. Ever since the new year I've been down with a cold and a lingering cough---and, as far as I'm concerned, incapacitated beyond all possibility of creative thought . . . I'm useless when I'm sick.

But it's a new month now and the cough has diminished somewhat. I just finished this Fishing Trawler painting. The reference photo has been sitting on my hard drive for a year or two now; I took the shot on the Tchefuncta River in Madisonville. I kept the style loose and I'm pleased with the final painting.

Fishing Trawler, 18x32", $400 (no. 1007)

slow river #5

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Returning again to this image which I originally captured via snapshot of a paused TV screen---think it was an interstitial shot in the show Treme. I've been told this is Algiers Point in New Orleans. At any rate, I like it.

Slow River #5, 30x48", $800 (no. 1001)

River Bend

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I've been wanting to paint more river paintings. This image was one I've painted before on a larger scale. I like the colors in this one and I'm happy with the snappy-fresh feeling it projects.

River Bend, 11x16", SOLD

mississippi river dock #2

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Here's a second painting for today. This is one I've painted before at a smaller size. You can find this dock in the span of the river between the Riverwalk and Cafe du Monde in New Orleans.

Mississippi River Dock #2, 30x24"