harvey canal

Posted on by Wess Foreman

I would love to do a larger series of these, eventually covering all of New Orleans. I don't like driving in the city, but I love the architecture, the people, the culture, the geography, and yes the rusty parts too. I think this style works well with the subject matter (though perhaps I could have painted out a bit more of the drips in this one...? I still might). And how about that purple: whaat!? (Look for a painting video of this one on my youtube channel soon)

Harvey Canal, 25x40", SOLD

By the way, I've started numbering each of my paintings, going forward (note the "no. 1032" above). I also will be writing these unique numbers along with the titles of the paintings on the back of each canvas I produce. This should help identify which painting is which, especially with similar or identical subject matter. Just thought I'd mention it.