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It's been awhile since since I've painted a dog portrait without it being a commission. This one went quick. I completed it in two painting sessions, and I achieved the somewhat abstracted, somewhat off-kilter look I was aiming for. The simple orange/blue color scheme works great. What else can I say: I am pleased with this painting. (video of the painting process will be uploaded to my YouTube channel in a few short hours) Contact me if interested in purchasing this painting or commissioning one of your own.

Mutt, 20x16", $300

orange lantern

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This was a quick study of an orange lantern with a white pillar candle. This lantern was hanging outside on our patio and I couldn't resist painting it.

Orange Lantern, 14x11", $75

portrait of mrs white -- 2

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I spent a long time changing the color of the hat, having already deciding on the yellow/orange background with the peach/violet face---for some reason the hat color gave me fits---then I decided to break out the newspaper. So now it's a mixed media piece. Acrylic and old media.

Portrait of Mrs. White #2, 16x14"

backyard with orange umbrella

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The strongest part of this painting is the expressive energy; it's fresh and untamed and honest. The weakest part of this painting is the weak title I gave it---what!? If a better title springs to mind, post it in the comments. I might rename this one. That is all.

coffee coffee coffee

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Thought about naming this one, "Something Something Something," but didn't want to confuse people---I'll leave the grander jokes to professional comedians.

Coffee Coffee Coffee, 36x30", $600