nola diptych

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See the video of the painting process below. Not all my painting videos end up on here. Visit my YouTube channel to see many more videos and subscribe to get a notification whenever I upload a new video.

NOLA diptych, 36x48" (total), $1200

tree of life (Etienne de Boré oak)

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For this quick painting, I used a reference photo from Aaron Younce's Instagram:

"This is the Etienne de Boré oak, but locals call it the Tree of Life. I live a couple of blocks away from it and I ride past it all the time going to and from the shop. Sometimes I stop to just look at the tree for a while, or walk around under it. There's a little plaque under it that says it was planted around 1740. This is one bad ass oak tree."---Aaron Younce (

Tree of Life (Etienne de Boré oak), 18x24", $375

vaughen's lounge

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Vaughen's Lounge is located in the Bywater area of New Orleans. I painted this from a reference photo I found online. It took me around two hours to complete. I like the cartoonish aspects of the piece (ie. the poles on the right) and the red-orange rust of the tin roof. Upon further consideration, I think I prefer paintings like this---paintings of real places rendered in an interesting style---paintings that evoke a memory of a place in time. See painting process video below.

Vaughen's Lounge, 36x48", $1400 (no. 1038)

harvey canal

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I would love to do a larger series of these, eventually covering all of New Orleans. I don't like driving in the city, but I love the architecture, the people, the culture, the geography, and yes the rusty parts too. I think this style works well with the subject matter (though perhaps I could have painted out a bit more of the drips in this one...? I still might). And how about that purple: whaat!? (Look for a painting video of this one on my youtube channel soon)

Harvey Canal, 25x40", SOLD

By the way, I've started numbering each of my paintings, going forward (note the "no. 1032" above). I also will be writing these unique numbers along with the titles of the paintings on the back of each canvas I produce. This should help identify which painting is which, especially with similar or identical subject matter. Just thought I'd mention it.

container ship rounding algiers point

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This triptych (three canvas painting) began its life as a painting I never really loved, an imagined river scene with no real life to it. I recently turned my attention back to it and realized it was close to the same topography as Algiers Point in New Orleans. With a few tweaks and with the addition of the container ship, I am now thrilled with how this one turned out. Update 12/1/15: SOLD.

Container Ship Rounding Algiers Point (triptych), 36x72", SOLD

Container Ship... (detail)

slow river #5

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Returning again to this image which I originally captured via snapshot of a paused TV screen---think it was an interstitial shot in the show Treme. I've been told this is Algiers Point in New Orleans. At any rate, I like it.

Slow River #5, 30x48", $800 (no. 1001)

NOLA City Park Bridge

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With this large painting I was going for lots of texture [if that's not clear from seeing the image itself]. I achieved this effect with layers of paint applied with brush, with textured roller, with pallet knife, and with splashes and drips of paint. I gave a little relief to this texture onslaught with a wash of white in the center above and below the bridge---this little change helps to push this area to the background and helps the bridge stand on it's own in the foreground.

NOLA City Park Bridge, 44.5x47"

new orleans streetcars #16

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As the title suggests, this is [at least] my sixteenth streetcar painting. I switch things up from time to time---different point-of-views, different painting styles, etc---but I usually always have at least one streetcar on hand. This is one of the smaller variety. Also a little more "tight," stylistically.

New Orleans Streetcars #16, 11x16", SOLD

New Orleans Streetcars #16, 11x16", SOLD