cup of joy

Posted on by Wess Foreman

Something about the vertical lines in the early stages of this painting caught my attention and took me in this colorful direction. The distorted perspective of the coffee cup only adds to the quirkiness of the finished painting, as does the energetic color combination.

Cup of Joy, 30x30", $700

coffee and beignets #6

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I've done a number of coffee paintings and a number of them with beignets, and I don't know exactly how many. Anyway, I'm calling this one #6, though maybe I should give it a more memorable name. "Breakfast at the Cafe" or "Intellectual Stimulus" or "A Cup of Joe and a Plate of Pastries". I dunno.

Coffee & Beignets #6, 16x16", $250

Coffee & Beignets #6, 16x16", $250

coffee coffee coffee

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Thought about naming this one, "Something Something Something," but didn't want to confuse people---I'll leave the grander jokes to professional comedians.

Coffee Coffee Coffee, 36x30", $600

fresh brewed

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Might have to do more like this. I enjoy the colors and the retro feel. Also: fresh brewed is just the best kind of coffee.

Fresh Brewed,

20x20", $250

coffee cup and spoon

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Yet another coffee cup painting. I can't get away from it. I guess it's a somewhat popular motif among the art-loving world, and I'm pretty much on board with it as well.

Coffee Cup and Spoon, 24x18"

Coffee of the Day

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A cup of coffee. There isn't much to say about this painting. I finished it in two sittings. The first, laying it out; the second, cleaning it up and adding interest. I like coffee. 

Coffee of the Day,

8x10", $50