Alleycat No. 2

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This seems like a possible start of a series. I did one previous painting of a cat in silhouette, by the same name—-this one has more detail, but it’s mainly an exercise in line and form and color balance/unity, rather than crafting a naturalistic scene. I like it. Look for more in the future.

Alleycat No. 2, 20x36”, $500

Courage, Kitten

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This is one of the few images I’ve painted directly from my imagination instead of relying on a reference photo. It comes across as a painted cartoon, and I’m fine with that. This is the third time I’ve painted this image, this time spanning two canvases.

Courage Kitten, diptych, two 36x24”, $1450


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I don't follow sports ball, local or otherwise, so I actually did not make the connection to LSU when I painted this. It started as a quick sketch but turned out well enough that I went ahead and finished it.

Tiger, 11x14", $80

calico overdrive

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I started this painting around a year ago. The execution of the painting never quite worked for me and it also wasn't so terrible a concept as to paint over it and start over--so I put it aside and it languished in the back of a stack of canvases waiting its turn to be reworked or painted over as the case may be. Any way it finally made its way to the front of the stack and I managed to finish it the other day. I am happy with it at last. I don't imagine there's actually a cat that looks like this in the world (It's certainly colorful). Calico Overdrive.

Calico Overdrive,

20x20", $250

Slater in Yarn

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I'm happy with this painting. It came together quickly for me, as many good paintings do. It was painted from a reference photo of our cat, Slater, who has more of a gray color than this and wasn't actually tangled up in yarn in the photo---that was added to balance out the fact that I started painting the cat too high on the canvas, leaving too much of an open area below. The addition of the yarn ball, as it turns out, is what makes the painting work, in fact. Otherwise, though I didn't do a bad job with the face and the eyes of the cat, the painting would have been boring to look at. As it is, it isn't boring. So, I conclude, it's a success! (I might need to make prints available for this one)

later in Yarn,

18x24", SOLD