Roxie Painting Process

Posted on by Wess Foreman

I painted this daschund commission a while back. I don't think I posted any images yet, but I took plenty of photos of the process with this in mind.

Step one: (as pictured) procure a canvas - often-time I'll apply a wash of color just to eliminate the glaring white of the canvas to start with. Step two through four: block in the basic shapes and color. The idea is to use a large brush and cover up all the canvas - I almost think of this part of the process as getting to position one (position one being the fourth image . . . where you have a basic starting point, something to alter and eventually perfect - something to move toward the finished piece.)

Step five through seven: perfecting the image - taking away parts that shouldn't be there, adding parts that should. Altering color as I go and adding basic textures here and there, then moving into the finer details with smaller and smaller brushes and edging toward final textures and colors. Sidenote: when I get in trouble with a painting is usually when I start in with smaller brushes too soon - doing this tends to cause me to try for the final step first rather than last, and then anything resembling perfection in my mind becomes unchangeable and ultimately a major problem, unsurmountable without a total redo of the piece (because it's never perfection).

Roxie Commission, 24x18"Final piece turned out great I think. It's usually a good sign when you finish a painting thinking it's good enough to call finished and then see the painting or a photo of the painting again several months later and think, "Hey, that looks great!" There is much less detail here than there appears to be - there is detail where it counts and that's what really counts. Also, I kinda like the muted color pallet I went with here - it works, you know?

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