walking together

Posted on by Wess Foreman

This one was painted from a photo of my wife and son when he was still a toddler (obviously, the kid in the painting came out older looking and my wife came out much more androgynous--no offense to either, I wasn't concerned with perfection here). What I was aiming for (and didn't quite hit) was the kind of abstraction which is in part representational--meaning the two figures aren't unique individuals but merely represent the ages they are and the relationship they are displaying--and in part a kind of street art where there is an underlying sophistication to the peice which belies the otherwise primitive or somehow unfinished techniques involved (in other words, to be a finished peice of artwork while looking messy).

I think the main thing holding this painting back is the framing of the two figures. If they were positioned more in the center of the canvas (a little to the right and a little higher in otherwords), that would help, I think. Along with some more tweaking (like maybe lightening the sky in the background to add more interest), this painting could get to where I'd like it to be. So, I might just spend a little more time on this one.

Walking Together, 14x14"

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