Spring Mosaic

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I am drawn to this style of painting -- big, playful, colorful, abstract. Sure it's one of my own paintings --granted -- but I enjoy looking at this piece just as much as I enjoyed composing it. I know some people find abstract painting frustrating and perhaps allowing my abstract paintings to mingle [haphazardly] with my more realistic works is off-putting to some, but it is a tendency I cannot abstain from. It is the artist in me. The untethered creative in me. I am, after all, a composer of paint, of shape and line and color and texture. I am artist.

Spring Mosaic, 48x54"

I am drawn to this style of painting, yes, but it does not come naturally to me. Abstract painting, while easily achieved by adventurous four-year-olds the world over, is something that must be learned -- speaking now of good abstract painting, of course, paintings with hopefully more artistic merit and sophistication than early refrigerator art. One must learn the principles of art and design and then learn how to bend and break the rules -- that's where individual style comes from perhaps. Breaking the rules . . . your way. So, anyway, I've learned the rules and I've learned to break the rules, but it's still a piece of art. So the challenge is still there, and perfection is still the unattainable goal.

And this one? This one is pretty good, I think. And it's much better in person, of course -- much more impressive. (click the image to see a larger version)


on 2011-05-02 14:20 by wessf

By the way, I might make minor changes before applying magic gloss varnish/finish. I'm gonna look at the painting some more first.

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