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Posted on by Wess Foreman

I thought I'd post a few older paintings of mine which are still available for sale---paintings which I happen to like very much and which surprise me at having survived this long unsold. To purchase any of these paintings, contact me. Without further adieu, here they are:

Cityscape, 18x34", $400

I painted Cityscape on Masonite hardboard in the style of the civilization series I was doing at that time. I may have had it overpriced back then, being one of my favorites---that and being a little heavier than other paintings of the same size on canvas, making it appear less frequently at art shows. Anyway, it's well priced at $400 now and will end up on my own wall soon if it does not sell.

Box Turtle, 30x40", $700

Box Turtle was painted four years ago. I remember not loving it as much as I do now because of the subject matter---I did not think anyone would want a portrait of a box turtle at this large of a size. As a result, I also did not show this at too many art shows. The joke was on me, turns out, for it is now hanging on my living room wall and I love it. The detail in the head alone makes the painting great, in my opinion.

Pavement, 30x40", $700

I've loved this one since painting it back in 2006. It was one of my first successful abstract paintings, as I recall. Not sure why it hasn't sold but it's still available!

Moonlit, 40x30", $700Moonlit is one of those paintings which I love but which does not really fit in with the rest of my paintings. There is a distinct style difference between this and my other work. I still have another painting produced at the same time as Moonlit---same size and style and price---which is also available; these two would look nice hanged side by side (and I'll cut you a deal on the pair if purchased together).

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