fortune teller, a second look

Posted on by Wess Foreman

I've begun adding paragraphs of text to a few of my paintings as part of the title/size/price tag. This will serve as explanation, backstory, insight, or information on the painting process which I think viewers would appreciate as they assess these paintings. I thought I'd start adding them here as well, so without further delay, here's the first one:

Fortune Teller, 40x30", $700

Fortune Teller, 40x30", $700

This grotesque portrait began as two misplaced eyes on a big canvas. This immediately brought to mind the many odd but compelling portraits by Pablo Picasso---not bad company, I thought. So I continued painting the garish blue face making alterations as I went until reaching the final image you see here. At one point, early on in the process, I added extra water to my paint and unleashed a series of drips over the canvas, some of which remain in the final piece adding interest and perhaps symbolizing tears made by this tragic make believe figure. My final judgment of the piece (of whether I would keep the painting or paint over it) came down to the fact that I found the painting interesting and, at times, hard to look away from.

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