two more watercolor paintings

Posted on by Wess Foreman

Peppermint Candy, 5x7", watercolorI'm still on my watercolor excursion. It has become an experiment for me, trying to determine whether I should add watercolor painting to my repertoire. Whether there is a place for me there. Anyway these two paintings came out fairly well. The peppermint candy is pretty good, if a little clunky, and the wren is overworked but passable (I'm hard on myself here, but it's because this is not my turf and not my normal mode; it is watercolor mode).

Wren, 10x11", SOLDI do like the scratches I added to the wings/body of the wren; it's a simplification of the pattern that was on the reference photo. Still, there is a hesitancy to my watercolors. When considering the medium, I tend to focus on what's missing---it's like acrylic, only the opaqueness of color is missing and there is no saving a drastic mistake as there is in acrylic painting. I suppose I should be saying that watercolor allows for beautiful washes, subtle color shifts, and ethereal glazing effects. Positives of the medium. But I'm still not there yet. I'm only dabbling in watercolor so far. I am a visitor here.

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