untitled colorful landscape

Posted on by Wess Foreman

untitled colorful landscape, 24x48", $600

I spent a good deal of time on this one---I don't know exactly how long, maybe eight or nine hours all told, over the last couple days---and the style and particulars of the landscape changed drastically as the painting process went on. I should have taken photos along the way but I was too busy painting.

Returning to a large painting after so many small ones---and an abstract after so many "normals"---I found myself re-exploring the process all over again. Trying out new color patterns, changing the way the shadows fell across the hills and the lightness of the sky, etc. All these infinite possibilities and only a finite few could ultimately be chosen. And the final product (I think it's final, anyway) is pleasing to me, though I'll probably hang it in the living room awhile to see if anything wants to be changed.

The piece is painted on canvas and mounted on heavy-duty, two-and-a-fourth-inch stretcher bars with black-painted sides and would look great as a centerpiece in a large family room.

The only thing I'm not so thrilled about is its lack of name. Please leave any suggestions for a name in the comments! And, as always, click the photo for a larger view. Thanks.

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