gumballs process

Posted on by Wess Foreman

I painted this little painting four months ago, intending to post the process as well. Better late than never--here's the process.

Here was the reference photo. Most of my paintings start with a reference photo.

Step One. I started by blocking out the main shapes---this showed me how the overall basic design will sit on the canvas (or in this case, on Masonite)

Step Two. I started defining the edges of the gumballs as well as the shadows. From the beginning I intended to make the background a painterly abstraction and so I also began exploring the look of the background.

Step Three. I continued to sharpen edges and added in the darkest darks of the photo.

Step Four. Furthering definition and attempting to make an interesting background.

Step Five. Decided to try and simulate the stippled texture of concrete, adding layers of different colors, splattering thinned paint by running my thumb through the bristles of an old toothbrush (of course, preserving the gumballs first by covering them with paper cut to size).

Step Six. Reestablished the parts that were lost by the paint spatter. Added texture to the parts that were lacking, like in the shadows. I also added a cool wash of blue to the entire thing after the paint dried. (click the photo below for larger view)

Gumballs, 8x10", SOLD


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