Notes on a Landscape: Trees are Like Metaphors

Posted on by Wess Foreman

A return, for me, to a larger canvas size (basically three feet tall by five feet wide), this one was satisfying to complete—though it was a reminder of how much more work it takes to cover a canvas of this size. I’m obviously not done with this Notes on a Landscape series. My favorite part is the interplay between the beautiful sentiments portrayed, alongside silly trivial things. Stream of consciousness writing has always fascinated me. It’s a fun exercise, however brief in this application.

Here’s the little pseudo-poem in the middle of the field: “meet me in the park, beneath the trees, where the boughs bend, and sway in the warm windy-wind”

Video of the painting process coming soon!

Notes on a Landscape: Trees are Like Metaphors, 59x37.5”, $1750