someday fly

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Update 8/11/16 ---I replaced the original image of the painting with the new painting (the painting was stretched to a slightly wider size and parts were repainted . . . notably, the edges were fixed and the diagonal leg of the swing set was removed and I added the bright red and yellow squares of color throughout the painting). I like the new look even better.

Someday Fly, 40x28", $900

tree of life (Etienne de Boré oak)

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For this quick painting, I used a reference photo from Aaron Younce's Instagram:

"This is the Etienne de Boré oak, but locals call it the Tree of Life. I live a couple of blocks away from it and I ride past it all the time going to and from the shop. Sometimes I stop to just look at the tree for a while, or walk around under it. There's a little plaque under it that says it was planted around 1740. This is one bad ass oak tree."---Aaron Younce (

Tree of Life (Etienne de Boré oak), 18x24", $375

backyard landscape

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I feel like this one fits right in my artistic wheelhouse. Some of my paintings end up more abstract than this one and some end up more realistic---this one is where the two extremes shake hands. Hope you like it.

Backyard Landscape, 39x37", $1200

cup of joy

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Something about the vertical lines in the early stages of this painting caught my attention and took me in this colorful direction. The distorted perspective of the coffee cup only adds to the quirkiness of the finished painting, as does the energetic color combination.

Cup of Joy, 30x30", $700

Notecards for sale!

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Yes, I should have come out with these a couple of months ago to allow plenty of time for the Holiday season, but who says these are holiday cards? These are good for any occasion---simple, bi-fold note cards, blank on the inside; envelopes included---twelve in a pack, ten dollars a pack. If you need them mailed to you, I'm setting the shipping and handling rate at a flat $5 per package (US ground---anything quicker or out of the States, we can discuss). If possible, pick them up in person: those in the New Orleans area can pick them up from me at the December 19th arts market in Palmer Park and we can also work out an in-person pick-up in the Covington/Mandeville area. Thanks!

 Use the  contact page  or email if interested.

Use the contact page or email if interested.

cypress trees on lake st john

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Landscapes [and waterscapes, in this case] are fun to paint. So many variations to be had, ranging from realism to utter abstraction, with none of the worries that can come from painting portraits, for instance (placement of eyeballs, adjustments of skin tone, etc.). This waterscape comes from a reference photo taken at Lake St. John, where my wife's folks live. I wanted a long, horizontal view, so I went with a three panel painting (triptych), at twenty inches tall. I kept the detail to a minimum and the feeling of the painting style loose. To complete the scene I added the suggestion of American coot in the middle-ground and the lone egret taking flight.

Cypress Trees on Lake St John, triptych, 20x53", SOLD