Posted on by Wess Foreman

I should be doing other things. Time slips by with the smile of a crocodile (and I think it just winked at me). Thing is: I know I should be doing other things -- seriously, this is not the action of a proactive person; I know better. I think I know better.

I blame it on inspiration (or the lack of). See, I should be painting. I've got five paintings started and sitting out around the picnic table waiting to be finished right now (in the grip of procrastination, I took the time to count them). But, uninspired, I make my rounds. Visiting all my favorite websites, blogs, chess sites, art forums, et cetera. Now I've decided to write about it (maybe that will be the cure -- I'll let you know).

Another word for procrastination is shillyshally.

This is part of me: this deer-in-the-headlights, immobilizing stagnation (I should be doing other things). Here's what seems to motivate me the most: a painting (or paintings) due the next morning . . . and the sun is already retiring for the night. In those situations I could complete several -- heck, ten -- paintings from scratch. So this leads me to my next question: what is inspiration?

That is, where does inspiration come from? Where does it go? How can I get it to stay longer? How can I befriend it? What types of food does it eat? Does it like coffee or tea? Black or with sugar and cream?

Standpattism. Remissness. Mugwump. Do-nothingness. My pal, procrastination.

I should be doing other things.