Posted on by Wess Foreman

I might have to substitute "podcasts" for one of those words on my list to the right. I just love podcasts. I used to listen to talk radio [like WWL 870 AM out of New Orleans] and then moved to streaming radio [I still listen to the Dave Ramsey Show online]. But podcasts just make so much more sense.

The idea is simple: subscribe to a show [audio or video] and forget about it -- whenever content is posted online, it is automatically detected and downloaded by your podcatcher program where it awaits your listening ear.

Early adopters were of course technology junkies so that's still the dominant catagory [not complaining, mind you, I love technology] but I'm finding great new podcasts every week.

[FYI]Here are the websites of a few of the non-tech-related podcasts I'm subscribed to:

By the way, I just bought a used MP3 player online [$30 plus shipping] -- it's modest but it works great. That's all folks.