Reward Awaiting Accomplishment

Posted on by Wess Foreman

Several years ago I built this very computer on which I'm typing. Since then I built one for my mother and one for my brother and assisted my cousin in building his own. I've tinkered with three or four older models around the house, trading parts and trying different operating systems, never satisfied with leaving "well enough" alone in regards to computers. So all of this I've disclosed as background information to my present dilemma: I'm itching to upgrade once again.

I've thought it all out -- a four-phase roll out plan, each stage following the next in logical order, the first phase being the most expensive but offering the greatest increase in performance [a triple bypass operation concerning the motherboard, ram end.jpgand cpu].

So here I am, the situation clear: I need a goal to reach, something just lofty enough to warrent a phase-one reward [that's all I ask]. For the reward is waiting; it cannot be ignored for long. The reward is waiting.