Spring Cleaning Sale!

Posted on by Wess Foreman

These are older paintings I got back from the Louisiana Furniture Gallery - it's spring - time for a little spring cleaning - everything must go! hehe. Seriously though, think of this as a garage sale - I'll give you a suggested price but feel free to offer a lower or higher amount; if you want it either say so in a comment to this post or email me at The proceeds will be put to good use - paint supplies! Anything unsold will be primed over and re-used. All are unframed unless noted - oh, and shipping cost not included, and I reserve the right to sell to the highest bidder! On to the paintings:

no1and2.jpg "Island Paradise" [left] is an oil, 18x24", sugg: $40

"West Texas Sprawl" [right] is an oil, 18x24", sold

no2.jpg "Untitled Crowd 2", acrylic and oil, 16.5x39.5", sugg: $60

This one never left my studio [garage] - in fact I just signed it today. It's painted on slightly wavy hardboard.

no3.jpg "Desert Landscape", oil, 11x14", sugg: $25

no4and5.jpg [left] "Crabbing", acrylic, 36x24" framed, sugg: $150

[right] "Invisible Dan", acrylic, 36x24" framed, painted over and gone forever :)