Leaning Toward Abstract

Posted on by Wess Foreman


"Leaning Toward Abstract, paintings by Wess Foreman" is available for sale now. Here are the details: 7 inch square format book, 38 pages - softcover $20, hardcover $30. Available through (pdf preview available).

I'm very happy with the results. I'm looking at both the hard- and soft-cover versions right now, and I can tell you, you will want to get the hardcover edition - it has a much more "finished" look to it - and then you can order a few of the softcover versions as Christmas presents, if you want to spend a little less on other people.

And finally, here are a few tips once you receive your copy: #1) for the hardcover edition, use a bit of scotch tape or your favorite Snoopy stickers to affix the dust jacket to the book, itself (otherwise, it will want to slip off all the time), and #2) for the softcover edition, pinching the spine of the book in one hand, use your other hand to gently bend the book one way and then the other, all the way down the spine - you may have to do this with half the pages at a time (this will allow the pages to turn freely when viewing and will hopefully avoid the tendency of the book to tear through the glue of the spine - you have been warned).

I'm already looking forward to doing another book in the future (any suggestions are much appreciated). Happy reading!