Robot Graveyard fiction

Posted on by Wess Foreman

I dabble in many things - painting, songwriting, computers, humor, gardening, cooking - and this story is just one of those things. The name of this series came from a series of paintings I painted under the moniker, Robot Graveyard. Presently, I do not know where “Robot Graveyard” the story will lead, but I will dutifully follow for as long as I can stay interested in it. No guarantees. I’m just dabbling afterall.

robotgraveyard1.jpgWhat is it? Robot Graveyard is an episodic Science Fiction story of robots and humans and space travel and . . . oh, whatever comes to mind as the story unfolds. I will be releasing one episode a week for now (every Monday, I believe), unless something changes. Here's the link: (first episode is currently online as I write this)

I have been getting some help from a friend of mine, Steve Murphy, as well as a few of my brothers. Thanks guys! Anyway, check it out, if you're interested.