Time of Recovery

Posted on by Wess Foreman

The Northshore Art Market went well last Saturday, I thought. The weather was cooperative, and I sold enough small paintings to cover the booth fee for this one and the next. Thanks to everyone of you who stopped by long enough to have my business card slapped into your hands! A few of you even made allusions to wanting a portrait made in the near future (bless you - email me a photo and I'll get started right away).

Anyway. I returned home only to find a construction zone where our utility room used to be - don't get me wrong, I was expecting this. In fact, I had helped in the demolition of the utility room floor the day before (major flooding during Hurricane Gustov made the renovations a must). And so, after a brief nap I went to work.

...Skipping, skipping, skipping - and three work days later - I found myself finally able to rest. And rest...

So, tomorrow is Thursday and I think I will, at last, be able to actually do something creative (it was only today that I found myself able to imagine life without these aches and pains once again, though it may take the rest of the week for that to become a reality). Much of today was spent making lists - paintings I need to paint, items I need to purchase, emails I need to send, work I [still] need to finish around the house - and there is nothing like a good long list to get a person motivated and going and doing.

Sometimes there is work to be done - sometimes lots of work. For anyone else out there facing a time of physical or emotional difficulty, remember to take some time to recover. Remember that it's okay to do nothing. To reorganize. To plan ahead before getting back to the grind. Stephen Covey calls it "Sharpening the Saw" [GTD].

All that to say, expect more content soon!