Painting Onion on Newspaper

Posted on by Wess Foreman

Painting Onion on Newspaper
14x22" | $400

No, this one isn't a postcard-size painting, but I wanted to post it today: the day after the painting it depicts was posted.

This was an interesting painting, both in the process as well as in the finished piece. It started with a photograph of my working surface - newspaper, onion, and the painting. I wasn't sure I was going to paint the scene when I first took the photo, but after spotting a canvas with the right dimensions, I thought I'd try it out . . . see what happens. A few hours later, I found myself still working on the piece - adding details and correcting annoyances. At the very end, I added the paint brush to firmly establish the painting of the onion as a flat, two-dimensional thing.

I'm not sure what it is, but something within me gets excited about this painting. Something makes me turn my head every so often to see the image again, to study its detail, to understand it somehow. It could be the autobiographical nature of the piece, revealing something from my life. It could be the narrative aspect, telling the tale of a work in progress. This was one of those paintings where the Creative Flow took over, leaving an interesting painting in its wake. In any case, I plan to paint more of these in the future.

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