tortie and white

Posted on by Wess Foreman


tortie and white
5x7" - framed - $55

I painted this from the photo on the wikipedia entry on tortoise-shell cats. I had never heard of torties until recently (I thought they were all just calicoes). This one is technically a tortoise-shell-and-white, as true tortoise-shells have no white.

As this post is going up (Saturday, February 9th) I will be at the North Shore Art Market with this painting, so those at the Art Market will have first call on this one. If you're in the area, come on out!

Please leave me a comment. And if you’re interested in purchasing this or any other postcard painting, contact me with the name of the painting you’re interested in - first come, first serve. Don’t forget to include your name and email address. I will email you back with further instructions. Thanks!