Added New Functionality

Posted on by Wess Foreman

In hopes of expanding this blog's functionality and cool-factor, I've added a new commenting plugin called Disqus (that's pronounced "discuss" not "discus"). This is a third-party website/service that keeps track of all comments you make from any website that uses the Disqus plugin. So, yeah, it's a little chicken-before-the-egg kinda thing, but it looks slick and will be implemented on many more blogs soon.

The downside is, while I do still have access to all the previous comments on this blog as administrator, the slate has been wiped clean of all comments from your point of view. So . . . start commenting. The first time you comment, go ahead and register (you can enter your user information, website, email, facebook id, twitter account, upload an avatar, etc....).

We will see how it goes. And if you want me to dig up your comment from a previous post, just ask me and you can re-comment if you wish. Oh, and here's the link for the Disqus website: