Do Your Ears Hang Low

Posted on by Wess Foreman

I painted this painting several years ago but was never totally satisfied with it. I recently got it back from the Animal Health Clinic in Covington and let it hang on our living room wall for a few days, when suddenly it hit me why I was so unsatisfied with it - the background was all wrong. It was a loose patchwork of colors - lime green, orange, blue - perhaps not quite as offensively loud as that collection of colors might suggest, but it was certainly enough to sour my view of it.

So this is the same basic painting with a background redux, resulting in a much more muted, much more mellow painting. And it does something that the busy, color-filled background failed to do: it underscores the emotional undercurrent of the painting, supporting the somber-sad stare of this pup and not detracting from it. Proving the adage, less is more. By the way, the reference photo for this painting was a two inch black and white photo from a newspaper I found.

Do Your Ears Hang Low, 24x30" $400