Something Unsure

Posted on by Wess Foreman

For the most part, my paintings are generally based on real life - well, to be more accurate, real life by way of a reference photo usually - but every now and then I'll dabble in completely abstract painting. This painting was inspired from a song I wrote and my brother Matt put to music. It was a bit of an abstract song in it's own right and listening to it the other day, I just felt the urge to paint this painting. Needing something more than just dripping paint, I wrote the lyrics with a china marker, then, not happy with the look of the lyrics, I partially obscured it with paint, leaving legible only the words, "something unsure." Thus the name of the piece.

Something Unsure 30x48" $1,200

Interested in the lyrics? Thought so. Here they are:

"all the time in the world"

everyday a new day - beginning and ending
and we wash away the dust from our sad shoes
give thanks for our lives and hope for good weather
but all of our lives we're running in circles
we're walking on eggshells, and borrowing hours
we're taking turns, we're stepping on shoulders
we're dangerous and angry and guilty and sadly
fortunate son, you've got big shoes to carry you
as you try to get by, try to get an alibi

everyday a new day - it's calling our names out loud
say we don't need this, but there's something missing
and you say, "we've got all of the time in the world,"
but hot on our heels, the creatures are closing in

something unique - something creative
something unsure - beginning to believe again