charcoal pencil sketch

Posted on by Wess Foreman

I suppose it could be called a sketch, but I think of a sketch as a less-finished, loose interpretation - this one is a little more substantial. Let's call it a drawing.

Anyway, this was drawn from a photo of a childhood home. The photo had great potential for a drawing because of it's nice lines and shadows, and no bright colors to get in the way of seeing those lines [if that makes sense].

Although not the best pencil artist, I think I did alright with this one. I was pleasantly surprised with how fast the drawing came together - after a light sketch, I basically started at the upper left corner and slowly made my way down and to the right until I reached the bottom right corner where I signed it. I can definitely see where I could improve upon my techniques [and my patience], but this was probably the best I could do at the level I am now. Now hopefully I will make time to practice and improve. Look for more drawing/sketching in the near future!