a very long, very unintended hiatus

Posted on by Wess Foreman

I've not been painting very much these last few months . . . a few one-off paintings here and there, but not in earnest, as they say. It has given me time to dabble in other interests of mine - writing, reading, other things I can't think of right now but surely they were constructive in some relevant, enjoyable way - and, of course, lots of wasted time in between [but that's normal, whether I'm painting in earnest or not].

All that to say, I'm back at the easel now, brush in hand, poised and ready, set, painting! Feels good, though I'm struggling, as always, to find the right subject matter to put to canvas. Anyway, I should have a plethora of new paintings at the next NorthShore Art Market [October 10th], where I will probably be painting throughout the day as well. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions of subject matter for me to paint [paint more of this or that, et cetera], post a comment or send me an email - thanks!

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