wessf studio tour

Posted on by Wess Foreman

My studio space is not very large. On pleasant days I try to work out-of-doors, but more often than not I return to this little room of mine. (at least I finally got daylight-balanced fluorescent bulbs)

Pictured above is my studio space. By my estimation, it's a seven foot by thirteen foot room with a ceiling I can barely touch with my fingertips if and when I try to do so (though I've never, to my recollection, needed to do so).

I don't care for these dusty blue curtains, though I do enjoy all the sunlight the windows let in---it's a corner room that was once a sun-room, so I have windows all along two of the walls. I recently set up my homemade H-frame easel in the middle of the room facing one wall of windows. I keep a little laptop running solely for reference photos on a little stand I made out of a tee-ball stand and a square of plywood with a hole drilled in it---works like a charm. The desk on the left is homemade as well. So is the standing-up computer desk against the far wall next to the door.

My studio space probably looks a bit messy to the untrained eye, but I've seen it at it's worst and what's pictured here is sublime in comparison. And yes, paint gets on the carpet from time to time but I don't care about that. The carpet will be replaced one day.

As you can see I keep my paint in a plastic pallet with a blue plastic top---this keeps the acrylic paint from drying out when not in use---and I use a spray bottle to keep the paint wet during extended painting sessions. I use four brushes, generally. A large utility brush for covering large paintings quickly. A one inch flat brush which ends up doing most of the work. A half inch brush for smaller work. And a liner brush for lines and details and signing the finished painting.

I guess that's about all I can think to say on the subject---paintings in progress or paintings that will be painted over, as well as new canvases, all lean against one wall or another and I move them and resort them as the need arises. Pictured on both monitors is the reference photo for the bulldog I painted not long ago. And the blue mat in front of the standing desk is where I spend too much of my average day. More to come.