Posted on by Wess Foreman

Every now and then I create a piece that captures my own imagination--art reflecting back at life, I suppose. Something about this one I like. I added enough reality--especially combined with the title of the piece--for the viewer to decipher the subject matter, but I intentionally omitted enough detail to let the painting live entirely in the world of the abstract. One would not mistake this for a photograph of a pair of eyeglasses. It is abstract. But one can clearly see the lenses and the bridge between the two and one of the temples (I looked it up and the arms are called temples; who knew). The monochromatic nature of the painting gives it a certain romance and mystery, as do the irrational shadows taking up half the painting. In its essence it is a simple line drawing in painting form.

Look for more like this one in the future. 

Spectacles, 20x20", $250 (no. 1023)