Spring for Art: the day before

Posted on by Wess Foreman

polychromic.jpgNothing like an art show to make an artist second-guess his artwork. Now I've reached a certain point in my artistic ability where I am totally comfortable beginning a project with the knowledge that I will finish it and it will be good - I'm never sure how long it will take, but I know it will be good. That said, I have completed a set of twenty-two paintings for this show, and I still don't feel ready. I feel the need to go out and take another peek . . . one last critical eye, perhaps to spot the weakest link: the runt of the group, the straggler that doesn't make the grade. Suddenly nothing seems finished, but I find no logical reason to support the feeling. I have to rely on my earlier judgement, on what I was thinking when I stopped painting, signed it, and called it art.

Anyway, the big show is tomorrow night -- I'll let you know how it goes.