May Day-ish update

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The weather has been tremendous this past few weeks. I have been out there much of the time, experimenting with paint, keeping my two-year-old out of trouble, and painting some more. It's been a strange week in regards to my painting - I've been going at it full-tilt and most of it has been totally different than anything I've painted before. So now I'm left surveying all that I've been busy at, wondering: is this good? do I like this? will other people like this? I suppose the answer is yes, but only time will tell.

The next NorthShore Art Market will be Saturday, May 9th - starts at 10am, goes until 4:30pm. I will be there with a booth full of new paintings. And like last time, I will be painting throughout the day. Should be fun. This is the last of the Spring markets - starting up again in September. More details at

Feb Northshore Art Market

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Here's the story of how it went:

Before the Art Market started, things were looking bleak - this photo was taken just as the rain was starting to clear out.

Once the market started, however, the rain was gone, never to return that day. Turned out to be a great day for all. The End.

met the artist

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Just got back from the Meet the Artist shin-dig put on by Inside Northside Magazine (followed up by a burger meal at Outback). A great time was had by all. I'm a bit tired now, but I just wanted to post a big Thank You to all you who made it out tonight - it was great meeting you all, I'm sure :-) Thanks!

More later.

Madisonville Art Market

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Yesterday was my first showing at the Madisonville Art Market. The weather was terrific all day, and the unobstructed view of the river was peaceful and worth the trip all by itself. Before the show started, I spent the morning watching a lone pelican making passes along the river, dive-bombing for fish, gulping them down, and taking to the air again (I think he had moved on by the time the market started).

The show got off to a slow start with only a handful of people strolling along the waterfront. My booth was the last booth but I frequently joked that it was, in fact, the first booth (a couple of people even thought this jest was humorous and gave a chuckle for my efforts). Before long, the parade of art lovers grew to a constant stream - never too much to handle, but satisfyingly steady - and most of the crowd made it all the way down to my end, despite the empty twenty foot (?) space between me and the "second" booth.

The photo above shows my meager setup - I put the American flag right up front to draw in the large contingent of Americans. In the afternoon, the breeze picked up a little - just enough, in fact, to pick a fight with most of my paintings, pushing them around a little and making a general disturbance of itself. One of the 11x14" paintings of my son, Mason, suffered a small gash when it was blown over by one of the larger gusts of wind - don't worry, I'll patch it up . . . shouldn't be a problem.

Long story short: I sold a couple of paintings, gave a LOT of business cards away, received a sizable number of compliments on my work, and met quite a few people interested in having a portrait or pet portrait done by me in the near future. What I was most impressed with was the high percentage of people who stopped by my booth and took the time to talk a bit about the art - that doesn't happen too often at these art markets, in my experience - the people of Madisonville must be above average :-)

I was also honored to get some praise from a few of my fellow artists yesterday - one was amazed with my sense of design and loose brushwork (I was, in turn, amazed with his tight brushwork - but that's how it goes, I guess), another gave me his thoughts on which of my styles I should focus on in the future (a question I had posed to him), he suggested that happy medium in which most of my paintings tend to dwell: halfway between realism and the abstract. "Make sure your paintings have movement," he went on to say, pointing to my New Orleans Street Car painting, "like that one." That made me happy because that was a direction I was already headed.

Anyway, this was a great show for me; a good confirmation of the direction I am headed. If I can only get myself on a more consistent work schedule, week by week, but this is a problem that has plagued me for some time now. Thanks to all those who came out yesterday in support of the arts. I am grateful for you.

That's all for now. Please leave me a comment, especially if you were in Madisonville yesterday!

On Art Shows

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I just wanted to make note of the fact that I will not be at the Madisonville Art Show tomorrow - sorry for this last-minute announcement [though, I'm not so sure anyone was planning to attend because of my presence]. Besides, I'm pretty sure the show will have to be rescheduled because of flooding - not sure.

Anyway, next art show I do plan on attending is the usual NorthShore Art Market in Covington, Saturday, October 11th. I already have many new paintings to show off; by that time, I may be showing all new artwork. So come ready to buy, Christmas is on it's way [hint, hint].


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This one is a study of the tree line I see from my studio window - I toyed with the idea of adding some kind of center of interest in the foreground, but I couldn't make a decision so: here is where it remained.

North Shore Art Market

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This Saturday, Dec. 8th (10-4) I will be set up on the corner of Boston and Lee Street (diagonally across from Coffee Rani). Come by and enjoy the artwork if you're in the area!

art show updates

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driving.jpgThe Ruston Studio Artist Tour was a little disappointing in that the turnout was poor - though from what I heard, the downtown area was better attended - but I would like to thank Connie Cline (owner of The Pewter Company in Ruston, LA) for graciously sponsoring my artwork. So, thanks Connie - you did everything possible from your end (and then some).

This coming Saturday (December 1st) is the Mayfield's Visions In Art, Artist expo (10am to 5pm at the Holiday Inn in Covington, LA). I am still planning to be there, and I will be bringing my paintings. It will be indoors, so don't let a little rain keep you from coming if you're in the Covington area!

The following Saturday (December 8th) I will have a booth at the North Shore Art Market in Covington, LA (10am - 4pm). This is an outdoor event along Lee Lane in Covington. I am considering bringing an easel and doing some painting, but I haven't decided . . .

Ruston's Artist Studio Tour

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I will be the featured artist at the Artist Studio Tour in Ruston, LA this weekend at The Pewter Company. This will be Friday, November 16th and Saturday, November 17th. The times are Friday evening, 5pm to 8pm, and Saturday all day. Come by and see me!

The Pewter Company
2305 S Service Rd W
Ruston, LA 71270
(318) 513-2907

Get Directions from Google Maps.

Saturday's art show rescheduled

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george_cow.jpgThe Mayfield's Art Show has been rescheduled due to inclement weather. It will apparently be held sometime in November, so . . . .

Sorry, to anyone who had planned to go.

Visions in Art - Artists' Expo

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Come one, come all. I will be showing my paintings at a booth at the Mayfield's, "Visions in Art" Artists' Expo, Saturday, September 22 from 10am to 5pm. This is to be held indoors at the Holiday Inn on HWY 190 in Covington, LA. See you there!

August Art Market

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It was a hot day yesterday at the Northshore Art Market. Very hot. On top of that, it was a slow day. But it was great to meet those who came out, and all the positive comments were greatly appreciated.

This being my second Northshore Art Market, I was pleased to see a few familiar faces in the crowd. I handed out as many business cards as I could and sold enough painting to cover my booth fee. Needless to say, I was quite sore this morning, and I'm still moving a bit slow as I get ready for church.

getting ready for the art market

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I've been getting in some last minute paintings lately in preparation for the August North Shore Art Market [all day this Saturday, August  11]. If you're in the Covington, LA area, stop by and look for my booth! More to come...


Northshore Art Market

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Had a great day at the Northshore Art Market in Covington. It was very hot and very humid all day [that wasn't so great], but I got to meet many wonderful people, make a few important contacts, and sold a few paintings in the process. Shown above is a photo of the booth. It was smallish and the paintings were crammed in there. The biggest improvement I could make is to purchase one of those big white canopies [you can see them in the background]; they are taller and allow more light through which brightens the atmosphere [unlike my little cave-like display].

Anyway, I plan to do more of these art markets in the future. I'll let you know when and where. And I'll bring more sunscreen next time, as well.

2 days until art market

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Finished four more paintings for the art market. These are all smaller [11x14" and 12x12", respectively] and are all priced at $100. From left to right, they are "Blue Closeup," "Watchful Eye," "Lake Arthur Cypress," and "Lily Elegant".

blue_closeup.jpg watchful_eye.jpglake_arthur_cypress.jpglily_elegant.jpg

I'm still not sure how many paintings I will be bringing. The wife bought a popup tent thingy which I will test out today in the backyard. Then I will have a better idea how much space I will need to fill with paintings. Anyway, more to come.

pug mug

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I painted this painting once before from a photo I took years ago of our friends' pug. It was such a natural for a portrait that I had to paint it again. (Turned out almost as good as the first one, by the way.) I took a few photos showing some of the process. All told, this painting took a couple of hours.

pug1.jpgpug3.jpgpug2.jpgFirst step was to do a quick sketch - I wasn't concerned with details, just the placement of the major parts of the portrait. As you can see from these photos, I was using a photo on my computer as reference. This works fine for small paintings, but large paintings just don't fit in my little computer room. Second step was to block in the painting. I usually like to start with dark areas, as in this painting, because I know I will be applying several layers of color, preventing the shadows from becoming dead areas in the painting. And then comes the fun part - step three, if you're keeping score - I quickly block in the rest of the dog, repainting all the lines as I go, so as not to lose them.

And in between the third step and the final painting, I sprinkle a little fairy dust and turn around three times and viola! The finished painting: "Pug Mug," 20x20" $250 - One more painting down on the road to Art Market.


5 days until art market

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This coming Saturday is the Northshore Art Market in Covington, LA, where I will be showing my paintings and hoping to sell a few. My brother Tim asked me how my preparation was going, and my only response was to reach through the phone line and strangle him where he stood. Okay, that didn't happen, and I'm not nearly as "on edge" as I probably should be. Here is where I stand: I've got my cousin Robby (thank you, Robby) and the wife to help setup and tear down - Robby's got a line on a tent to fend off the sun or the rain as the case may be - and Tammy's folks will be here to help take care of the little one while this is going on - I have no solid idea how the paintings will be displayed - and I have yet to print off any business cards or bio sheets, both of which I plan to do before the big day. Did I mention it will be this Saturday?

I was planning to paint many many new paintings for this big event but have not really painted anything until yesterday and today [that's okay, I have plenty of backup paintings]. But I managed to complete four decent paintings today. Here they are:


They are, from left to right, "Lone Egret," 20x16"; "Looking Back," 20x16"; "Railroad Landscape," 20x20"; and "Lounging Cat," 16x20". Each are priced at $200.

Well, that's all I can think of - lot's of work left to do. More to come.

June 9th Art Market

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Just a quick announcement. On June 9th from 10:00 to 4:00, I will have a booth at the NorthShore Art Market in Covington, LA. I will try to have on hand a broad variety of my paintings on display, and I'm thinking about painting throughout the day [to give the good people's a good show].

So if you're in the area, stop by Lee Lane and introduce yourself!

Garrison's Meet the Artist

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Garrison's is a great little internet cafe with a wonderful atmosphere and wonderful people. Quite a number of people turned out to see the artwork and smile and shake my hand; and despite my introverted tendencies I could not help enjoying myself a little. [the compliments I received certainly helped]

I met many nice people [whose names escape me, now], and I sold a large painting [which is good great]. Also I was very impressed with the live music: Lilli Lewis; a one woman singer/songwriter/pianist whose artistry certainly surpasses my own [seriously, she has amazing musical/vocal talent and seemed like a good, sincere person to get to know in the short conversation we had].