5 days until art market

Posted on by Wess Foreman

This coming Saturday is the Northshore Art Market in Covington, LA, where I will be showing my paintings and hoping to sell a few. My brother Tim asked me how my preparation was going, and my only response was to reach through the phone line and strangle him where he stood. Okay, that didn't happen, and I'm not nearly as "on edge" as I probably should be. Here is where I stand: I've got my cousin Robby (thank you, Robby) and the wife to help setup and tear down - Robby's got a line on a tent to fend off the sun or the rain as the case may be - and Tammy's folks will be here to help take care of the little one while this is going on - I have no solid idea how the paintings will be displayed - and I have yet to print off any business cards or bio sheets, both of which I plan to do before the big day. Did I mention it will be this Saturday?

I was planning to paint many many new paintings for this big event but have not really painted anything until yesterday and today [that's okay, I have plenty of backup paintings]. But I managed to complete four decent paintings today. Here they are:


They are, from left to right, "Lone Egret," 20x16"; "Looking Back," 20x16"; "Railroad Landscape," 20x20"; and "Lounging Cat," 16x20". Each are priced at $200.

Well, that's all I can think of - lot's of work left to do. More to come.