May Day-ish update

Posted on by Wess Foreman

The weather has been tremendous this past few weeks. I have been out there much of the time, experimenting with paint, keeping my two-year-old out of trouble, and painting some more. It's been a strange week in regards to my painting - I've been going at it full-tilt and most of it has been totally different than anything I've painted before. So now I'm left surveying all that I've been busy at, wondering: is this good? do I like this? will other people like this? I suppose the answer is yes, but only time will tell.

The next NorthShore Art Market will be Saturday, May 9th - starts at 10am, goes until 4:30pm. I will be there with a booth full of new paintings. And like last time, I will be painting throughout the day. Should be fun. This is the last of the Spring markets - starting up again in September. More details at