White Lillies #1

Posted on by Wess Foreman

White Lillies #1 - 30x40" $600

Started and finished this painting in one sitting . . . er, standing. Inspiration came from a neighbor's yellow day lillies - they seemed so happy, like they were all giddy and chatting freely amongst themselves [perhaps it was the fact that Spring is in the air, perhaps they especially enjoyed and still celebrated May Day, who knows]. Painting from memory, I began by painting the flowers quickly in white on a green background. The reason for this is that yellow shines much brighter if painted over a white foundation (yellow is just not as opaque as other colors). After that, I painted the flowers yellow, but I had already gotten used to the idea of white flowers, so I painted them white once more (boring story, I know). I added some charcoal, smeared and smudged it here and there, added other colors for interest, and that's it. I called it good enough. The end.

Happy May Day.