Two Paintings

Posted on by Wess Foreman

These are two of the paintings I did while at the NorthShore Art Market. This first one I'm just calling "Rainy Streetlights" (22x28" - $275, click image for larger view) because I'm not that creative at naming paintings. I did the majority of it at the Art Market and finished it the next day at home. I struggled with getting the balance of the thing just right and though it still doesn't make my favorite-paintings list (if I had such a list), I did manage to get it to a point that I can call completed, and I'm generally happy with many aspects of the finished product.

The second painting, I'm calling "Dragonflies on Red"(11x28" - $175, click image for larger view) for the same lame reason I gave for the first. It would definitely fall under the heading of decorative painting. That is to say, there are no subtle points to explore, no greater themes or techniques at play here; it's just what it is: a fiery red background with three images of dragonflies superimposed on it. It's just: "look at these interesting shapes paired with these pretty colors" - blam. Nothing wrong with it. It's still art. It's just different, that's all; in some ways, easier.

I guess I'm to the point of rambling now, so I'll stop. I've finally recovered from the last art show and I'm just beginning some new paintings to have for the next Northshore Art Market (May 9th). I'll post them as I finish them.

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