GTD update

Posted on by Wess Foreman

daily.jpgThis year I started organizing my life a little more (motivated by David Allen's "Getting Things Done" system), and I thought I'd post a quick update for anyone interested. I am still on track with it all - even though the geek-fueled, initial motivation has faded away, I am left with a daily system that consistantly satisfies the geek within. Perhaps this sytem wouldn't work with everyone, but surely many aspects of it are compatible with every personality type. The best part about it that I've observed is that when I procrastinate (yes, it still happens frequently), instead of wasting mindless hours of [insert favorite time wasting activity here], I tend to switch to another task on my list . . . busy work, perhaps, but something that needed to get done anyway (that's why I put it on the list, afterall).

Go figure: if throughout the day I find myself doing a lot of housework it's usually (ironically) because I'm being a slacker.