Posted on by Wess Foreman

File this one under "and the wife just shakes her head . . . again."

One of my favorite things to eat is cereal. It's a natural breakfast food; it works great as a snack [in milk or even dry]; and if I'm fortunate enough to have extra space in my stomach by the end of the day, it's a great midnight snack. My favorite cereals are generally low in sugar - as a kid I'd douse my Cornflakes with sugar but now I find that Cornflakes and other cereals are actually sweet enough on their own.

For some reason, several years ago, I started mixing my cereal. It all started with Raisin Bran: not liking the overabundance of raisins, I mixed my own Bran Flakes with my own raisins and Voila! But since then it's escalated. My wife laughs when she sees me making multiple trips from the pantry to the counter top to the fridge, carrying armloads of cereal boxes, raisins, peanuts, milk, oats, etc. This morning for instance, it took me three trips to gather all my ingredients [three more return trips after their use].

Ingredient list:
Honey Nut Cheerios
Bran Flakes
Corn Flakes
Nutty Nuggets [Grape Nut's off-brand]
unsalted peanuts
[and a black coffee chaser]

You may be wondering [as does the wife] "Why mix your cereals?" To that I can only respond, "Because I can. [crunch, crunch, crunch]"

By the way, I usually end up premixing my cereal, storing it in large [empty] pickle jars for easy, one-trip goodness. If you have a favorite cereal or a golden combination of cereals, leave a comment and let us know about it!