Posted on by Wess Foreman

In case you have not already noticed (or been notified), the website name is now instead of (which is no longer mine). It's a long story, suffice it to say, steer clear of if you need web hosting, and definitely do not register your domain name with them (for they will not register it in your name, but in their own).

But I harbor no hard feelings - not many - and life goes on. Besides, ( also works) is, in some ways, a better name anyway - no need, for instance, to explain the awkward spelling: "w-e-s-s-f-dot-com" - I can now simply say that it's Wess Foreman dot com.

Along with the change, I've also changed the name of this blog to "open studio" and plan on posting only art/creativity related posts here. I've created a separate blog for all other stuff - check it out here:

Along with the new domain name, I've taken on a new look for the site as well - a little too austere perhaps, but fresh and new and ready for the new year and new content to go with it! All that to say: don't forget to change any old bookmarks to the new site. And welcome to the new - expect much in the way of new content and come back often!