Tammy Taking Note

Posted on by Wess Foreman

I have long been a slacker in terms of keeping up any sort of sketchbook. I make no secret of it. And just because the spirit of the new year is still hanging all dewy in the air, does not mean I expect this recent bout of sketches to continue, ad infinitum. But I'll do what I can for now - it's good for me and might also be entertaining to some of you.

Here's a sketch I accomplished in one sitting from an actual live model; my wife. I call it, "Tammy Taking Note," though in reality she was playing an electronic Sudoku game (I replaced the stylus she was holding with a pencil in the sketch).

sidenote: did you know that Sodoku (with an "o" as the first vowel) is the name of a zoonotic disease - a form of rat-bite fever? I didn't until I looked up the wrong spelling of Sudoku on wikipedia.